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Biohazard Cleaning

We will quickly and efficiently clean up biohazards with minimal disruption to your business or premises.

Our specialist hygiene experts are experienced in dealing with delicate circumstances and environments with complete discretion from trauma and crime scenes to emergency cleaning services.

If left unattended, bodily fluids such as blood, urine, vomit and human faeces can seep into porous areas not visible to the untrained eye.

This can make cleaning, using standard cleaning methods, difficult. The risk of exposure and infection is also much greater if a professional deep cleaning and disinfection do not take place.

flooded office

We use a range of disinfection methods on customers’ sites, including electrostatic disinfection, to ensure that every area and surface is treated using the best possible method.

Electrostatic Disinfection is a fast and effective method of specialist disinfection that involves adding an electric charge to the liquid as it is sprayed, causing the disinfectant droplets and the surface area to be drawn together like a magnet. The process allows the disinfectant to effectively wrap around a surface for more efficient decontamination compared to uncharged disinfection methods.

This makes the electrostatic application an ideal disinfection method to treat hard-to-reach, inaccessible areas as well as high-touch surfaces and touchpoints that your employees, customers and visitors regularly come into contact with.

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