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Graffiti Removal

Unwanted Graffiti can appear on public buildings, in parks, on shop shutters, street furniture, bridges, railway track sides, cable boxes, bus stops – virtually any surface imaginable.

Graffiti is often ugly and offensive and it creates an atmosphere of neglect and criminal activity.

Its presence usually coincides with other environmental problems such as abandoned cars, litter, and fly posting.

We are committed to removing all graffiti from any surface, using environmentally-friendly materials and techniques without damaging the original surface.

The method we use to remove graffiti depends on the type of surface and substance used to perform the vandalism.

Our team apply minimally invasive chemicals directly to the graffitied area, and then agitate the offending artwork to combine the paint and removal chemical.

The whole area is then jet washed using either hot or cold water.

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